The StoneRounds Success Camp

Show Up

Just showing up - on time, rested, clean, appropriately dressed, and well fed - is half the battle (50%).

Having enthusiasm and maintaining a patient and positive attitude despite adversity is half of the remaining half (75%).

Knowing your likes and dislikes (and your strengths and weaknesses) accurately enough that you can formulate some clear life goals that are well aligned with who you really are is half of the remaining half (87.5%).

Using the clear image of these goals to guide your decisions in such a way that you spend most of your time doing things that you enjoy and are good at is half of the remaining half (93.75%).

Surrounding yourself with people who are honest, optimistic, and who like you for who you are, is half of the remaining half (96.875%).

Being honest with yourself and others – and obeying the ethic of reciprocity in everything you do -- is half of the remaining half (98.4375%).

If you do all of these things most of the time, it has been my experience that good fortune can be counted on to fill in any gaps that occur and to carry you well beyond your original dreams and goals.

– Edwin M. Stone