IVR Motto and Mantra

Dear Friends,

From time to time I am asked what the Latin phrase in our IVR logo means.  As you know, the literal translation of this motto is that “we live for the cure”.

What does it take to really live for the cure?

It takes awareness, caring, idealism, intelligence, creativity, courage, optimism, confidence and discipline.

Some people in the IVR family say prayers.  Some meditate.  Some periodically invoke the sleeping powers and muses within themselves.

The attached invocation or mantra can be used for any of these things by simply adding an appropriate salutation and closing and/or changing the plural pronouns to singular ones.

Thanks for being such an important part of our mission.


Ed Stone

We Live for the Cure

Help us to be constantly aware of the huge unmet societal need that is inherited blindness.

Help us to care enough and be idealistic enough to believe that this need is our responsibility.

Give us the intelligence and creativity to solve this problem.

Give us the courage to keep working on this problem despite the peril to ourselves and our families.

Help us to be optimistic enough to believe that we can do it.

Help us to be confident enough to KNOW that we can do it.

Help us to be disciplined enough to do it.