Who are we looking for? – IVR Recruiting Statement

We are looking for people who love medicine and/or molecular biology, who are naturally energetic and curious, who want to learn new things and who want to get better and better at what they do so that they can play larger and more important roles in their lab and in some cases spend their entire careers in the IVR organization. These people need to be intelligent and “catch on quickly.” They need to be capable of executing complicated and ever-changing tasks accurately. They should love the idea that the work they are doing is part of a “mighty undertaking” and that it is making a real difference in people’s lives. They need to be so intrinsically honest that they would never intentionally “work around” a safety step in a protocol, alter data, conceal a mistake or take any other action that could harm a patient or the reputation of their lab. We want every member of the IVR to feel that their work is a very meaningful part of their life and as a result, to really value their job – not just think of it as a means of paying their bills. We want every member of the IVR to understand and really believe that their lab’s success will result in their own personal success (i.e., financial security, a sense of belonging and personal value, and “self actualization”). We want our colleagues to look forward to completing the task they are currently working on as quickly and efficiently as possible so that they can get this project/paper/report out the door (with the best quality in the world) and move on to the next important thing. We want them to exhibit the behavior of the best members of an expedition, always asking themselves and their colleagues “What can I or we do next?” to get the whole group quickly and safely to the next campsite. Members of the IVR should know how to (and be willing to) “take charge” when appropriate and “follow” when appropriate.